Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Share my photo :*

Okey guys, This time i wanna show my photo :) i just dunno what can i post today :p I hope you like it!! so let's see, Guys! :D

This is i taken on 8/9/2012 :) im so bored at the moment, and i dunno what can i do? So, i make decision! Yeah!! Take my self!! I wear T-shirt by LEA, its very comfortable really!! i bought Rp. 114.000; I taken thats photo use NIKON D3100 :) what do u think? I think, it isn't good -______- i just look like more sporty wear that's T-shirt ryt?

This is me and my cousin, Dinny Herlinda Nasution (wear blue t-shirt). We're loved to take picture together, thats so fun!! Taken by Dinny's camera :) and i was edit thats foto in Pixlr. What do you think? Nice?

OMG!! this is me wif my lovely boyfriend, Yopi Nopiyan Satrap :) He's nice, kind, handsome :) i love him very much. everytime he's always be there for me, always in my side, always make a sad to be happy, make a cry to be smile :) thx, Honey :) don't be the other person, just be ur self, it's make me comfort :)

just that i can show and share wiff u all :D

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