Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

Style for go to campus (II) :D

     Hay, hw r u girls? This time i wanna show to u abwt my fashion for go to campus. Yeah! i know its so bad fashion but, i'll try to share wid u all and i hope ya like it <3 :) i love casual style when i go to campus. Dats so comfort in ma heart lol :D
     Dont think and hear what the ppl say abwt u! be self confident and olways trust to ur self, if u SPECIAL girl :)
     Style isn't means expensive, u can be chic wid the low price :D haha and its my style, sorry if dis picture make ur eyes burn -______-

Holaaaaa, be a feminim!! i try to make my self to so sweet :p
This top so cheap ;) I wear Jeans by Triset, shoes by Fioni and bag by Palomino. wats do u think? nice? :)

Yeah!! its a real "me" ;p i love casual style and try to mix match my Tshirt and shirt, both from Logo :) and my jeans from Cardinal. Its so suitable for go to campus. very chic but keep rock!!

great!! i love this hat, u can wear hat too ;)

Wow!!! so awesome!! this real casual! and really love it! :D lol. u can wear wats i wear too :) its so chic and cool for go to campus.U can add great necklace and boots!
hat by Shark
jeans jacket by Linea
T shirt by Henke
jeans by Lea
bag by Bodypack
shoes by Lower East Side

Ohmy! like on 80's haha i love this style guys, so unique and vintage lol :p but i dont thin' so -____-
Its so cute for go to campus :D
T shirt by Monstore
Bag by Bodypack
Jeans by Midore 
Shoes by Airwalk

Look!!! its so simple and very casual. i wear T shirt by Henke, jeans by Ellips and Cardigan by Free and free.

     Hey guys. dats my style :) i'll update again maybe in my good mood :) i hope dis style can give ya inspiration :) amen!! and dont forget to be self confident :) dont afraid to wear anything u want :) so guys, i still waiting ur style :)) see ya! good luck and i love ya!! :)

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