Jumat, 30 November 2012

I love my BEST FRIENDS :)

Do you have best friend? I think everyone have. Everyone in this world, cant to live by self but need somebody to tell everything about love, ur sadness, ur happiness ect! And that’s somebody is BEST FRIEND!! :’D best friend always in ur side! They’re always listening, always understanding. I have best friend, and they’re who teach me about honest, love, laugh, cry, tears, smile and everything u want. Because best friend neva leave ya! 

 Dea, Xenna and Me

Best friend will give u 1000 smiles when someone hurting u. They’ll say ; “Where’s the f”ckin’ man? I’ll hit him and kill him softly today!” hahaha that’s sound so scary and evebody know that’s just joke. But for me, dats nt just joke but, their say is means they’re support me and try to make me calm. That’s why best friend are the important person for my life.

Me and my best friend much past the time when we don’t understand each other but there is where we really love each other. We always spend time togeda for travelling, culinary, hunting, shopping, ect. Me, Elsa, Xenna, Dea and Indri always make the world smile. I dunno what would happen if I do not meet them. They’re who giving new world for my life as friend, boyfriend, little/older sister. That’s my best friend.

 Elsa, Me and Indri

Best friend will always smile for us when we’re sad and smile when were happy when actually theyre sad. Best friend always stood by our side. Me and my friend exchanged stories, they are always motivated, always laughing and smiling happily.

 Elsa, me and Dea

 Oh God! what im, Elsa aand Dea do? ahaa its so weird but so lovely close :)

 We're like photo model? yeah!! we are!!

Best friend never expected anything from us. They will always be there when we are poor. They always take care of me, because they are my most precious. They always listen to my story even though my story isn’t good and so bored. They often scold me when I do something stupid. And that’s okey, it means they care and attention to me. They’re my best friend who always gave the love, gave me the opportunity to tell a story. Because, LOVE IS STRONG but LAUGH IS MORE. Love, laugh and Life ;)

So, guys! keep, care love ur best friend. don't let them go away from ur life :))

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