Sabtu, 17 November 2012

STYLE for go to CAMPUS :D

     are you confused about what you wear for go to campus? haha :D i've solution. i think its not good enough solution but why not to try? haha for go to campus, you just wear casual clothing :0 its mae you look so fresh and simple but keep chic :) i've some photo about dats :)

Its Casual's time :D

 Oh God! This is my crazy style! Look! its look so casual ryt? U can go to campus wear bat T shirt and skinny jeans :) u can match with cute or vintage necklace. Very simple :) i wear bag and shoes is  color same with my  Tshirt :) my shoes is flat, its look so pretty but keep simple :) wear vintage bag or casual bag is better :)

Anything else? okey! NEXT STYLE!! :D


     LOOK! thats so simple to do :) I just mix my shirt and T shirt :) and watch the color of ur clothing! i wear black skinny jeans. so simple right? but u can add accessories (bag, glasses, necklace, everything u want to do :) ). So, u ready go to campus :)

 WOW! keep rock!! haha its so amazing to wear in campus :) so chic and keep rock it!!

Rainy season come? dont worry! Use sweatshirt! like what i wear in this photo :) you can keep warm but keep fresh and chic and suitable for go to campus!

Feel so free wear this clothing to spend ur time in campus :)

 Its so look simple :))

    wanna wear vintage clothing for ur style :) look this photo :)

I know this style isn't good but, i think its charming :)

 Yeah!! its blue time :) its so suitable for go to campus. look so vintage, simple and chic :)

Ulala :D i try to be girly :) but look so vintage ryt? feel live in 80s haha LOL! i match my old T shirt and long skirt and dont forget to bring vintage bag too :) and boots make it perfect :) and i ready for study in campus. so FRESH!!

    I think its enough. i hope, My style can inspiring you, guys :) and u like my style :)) thx for see my blog. dont confuse anymore about what u wear for go to campus :)) i wait ur comment!

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  1. Love all these outfits, you are very funny as well :)

  2. Tengs Alyssa :)so u are, dear :)