Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Its time for DENIM-BLUE :)

    I try to using english in my blog today :) i hope nothing wrong word in my type :) Although it isnt easy to do -,- This time i wanna post about my fashion today. Ehem ehem. Maybe, its not good but i try to do the best for my action :) haha
    Wanna know my photo? Really? r u sure abwt dat? haha oke, this is!!

     Thats me!! Evebody maybe think thats Poppy Sovia haha LOL but thats me! :D My height is 172cm. Thts too tall? i dont think so. Okey lets to review this photo, i means this style haha :D I wear T-shirt from Connexion i bought in Matahari Dept Store, Its look so simple, ryt? :)

next to my pants, actually, thats long skinny jeans, but i cut that be hot pants its so sexy haha my pants from F & F :)

   How? Its so match ryt? I try to match the blue T-shirt with short denim. Its look so match :) i hope you like my style, Guys :) so, wanna know more my photo? Check this out!!

     At the moment, I match my sweater from GAP with my denim pants, and look that! Its so match and chic, ryt? Look so sporty but keep pretty wkwk lol :D


    what shoes i wear? Look!! that my ankle boots wedges, thats from Lower east side and i bought at Payless Store :) its look so rockie but keep girly :)

     i know u so curious about my collar necklace? !its handmade, and i made it from denim :) so cute ryt? i dont think so :((( hahah


so SCARY to look this photo :( arggggh!!

   I dunno what i do!! look! thats so weird haha

     I think is enough :) i hope you like my style. You can try to mix match ur clothing too :) and good luck, Girls :)

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