Senin, 26 November 2012

We are beautiful :)

     Hello im back!! ulaalaaaaa :D feel so long i didnt open my blog but today i still using english and i hope nothin wrong words amen :) okey, this time i try to post about my style in photo and edited use photoshop lol im newbie but i'll try to make good photo :)
    you wanna see my photo? cekidot!

ohmy!! what do u think? am i beautiful? or handsome? oh i dunno! haha this is edited use photoshop and then use photo effect by and use photoscape. i hope u like this, guys!! :D

Heyho!! this is my second photo :) how? cool? yeay!! look! my face looks so lazy and messy lol I edit them the same as the first photo but different effect at pixlr.

 Ahhhh!! cute! or not? haha i love this photo. bcz my face looks so fresh and cute :) i edited this use photoshop and pixlr :) and look the result! lol

 Hey Ryz! what do u look at outside! OMG! there's handsome prince? can i touch him? oh NO!! in his side there's cute princess but that isn't me. no problem! i just waiting for u, for u i still waiting lol

 Hey you!! why u bowing like that? r u feel so alone? dont be like that, dear :) u must show ur good face :) be self confident person!!

    Listen to me, girls :) all of u are beautiful and chic! don't feel so weird, bad, or somethin else! just show up ur power, ur skill, ur good manner, ur cleverness and automatically everyone can see ur BEAUTY! :D we never can assess of our self but the other people can! 
    Be self confident!! share ur photo, no matter with the other say about u! stay in ur right way :) u are beautiful. 
    beauty isn't everythin' fo our life :) be good person and u can get a good looking too, trust me!! im not cute, im not beautiful but im self confident! neva heard the bad thing, its just make u down. let it them go away from ur mind :) you re beautiful :) no matter what color we are, what tall we are! 
so, i still waiting ur photo :) see ya girls!!

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